Used for acoustic and decorative wall and ceiling lining, KEY BOARD provides superior sound insulation, usually with 10-25% of the surface area open for maximum acoustic performance. Excellent design flexibility is provided by the variety of panel sizes, perforations and patterns available, which can be customised. KEY-BOARD can be used in recessed edge panels for seamless integration with other plaster features. Ask Designcor about the diverse options available. K100 backing can be added to enhance KEY-BOARD’s acoustic properties and act as a structural deterrent to pests and insects.

A Perfect Choice

The acoustic superiority of Key Board panels make them an excellent choice for any location where sound quality is important. Their flexibility and cost-effectiveness make them perfect for any installation.

Lightweight and easy to install, Key Board perforated plasterboard wall acoustic panels can be integrated seamlessly with other plaster features. Usually installed with 10-25% of the surface area open for maximum acoustic performance, the design and functionality of these panels is limited only by your imagination.

  • Interior acoustic wall and ceiling systems for lecture theatres, cinemas and auditoriums
  • Ceiling and wall feature panels
  • Partition walls